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Friday, May 11, 2007

Decimal to New Base

To Convert any Decimal number into any other base number.
1) Copy & Paste the code between the dotted lines into Notepad.
2) Save the program onto your computer as DecToBase.html.
3) Left Click on DecToBase.html to run the program.
4) Input your decimal number and your new base to convert into.
5) Click the equal sign button and see your answer.
function toBin(form) {
base = parseInt(form.base.value);
num = parseInt(form.num.value);
form.amount.value = num.toString(base);}
<form name=numform><center>Convert Decimal
<input type=text name=num size=4> to base
<input type=text name=base size=4 value=2
onBlur="if ((this.value<1)||(this.value>36)){
alert('The base must be between 2 and 36.');
<input type=button value=" = "
<input type=text name=amount size=12>
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Monday, May 07, 2007

Months of the Year

Origin of the names of the months of the year.
January: For the Roman god of beginnings and endings Janus.
February: From the old-Italian god Februus, for the Roman Feast of Purification.
March: Named after the Roman god of war, Mars.
April: Called Aprilis, "to open". The month in which the buds begin to open.
May: From the Greek Maia, goddess of spring (growth).
June: In honor of the goddess Juno, Queen of the gods.
July: The month in which Julius Caesar was born, in his honor.
August: In honor of the first of the Roman emperors, Augustus.
September: The name comes from septem, "seven".
October: The name comes from octo, "eight"
November: The name comes from novem, "nine".
December: The name comes from decem, "ten".

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Days of the Week

Origin of the names of the days of the week.
Sunday: The name comes from the Latin day of solis, meaning "Sun's day".
Monday: The name comes from the Anglo-Saxon monandaeg, "Moon's day".
Tuesday: This day was named after the Norse god Tiw, "Tiws day" .
Wednesday: The day named to honor Wodan (Odin), "Woden's day".
Thursday: The day named after the Norse god Thor, "Thor's day"
Friday : The day in honor of the Norse goddess Frya, "Freya's day"
Saturday: This day was called day of Saturni, "Saturn's Day".

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