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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hink Pinks

A "hink pink" is a pair of words that rhyme.
These are all occupation hink pinks.
For, "A doctor for a baseball team," an appropriate
hink pink might be "pitcher stitcher" (or "catcher patcher").
In each instance one of the rhyming words is provided.
Can you think of a suitable word to fit each blank?
1. An astronaut _____ ace
2. A pair of rock singers _____ team
3. Secretary of an Indian organization _____ scribe
4. Head of a gang of burglars _____ thief
5. Librarian _____ feeder
6. Babysitter _____ helper
7. Eye doctor _____ tinker
8. Expert weather forecaster _____ wizard
9. Body repairman for cars _____ bender
10. High fashion model ______ lassy
11. A more daring test pilot _____ flier
12. Income Tax investigator _____ beater
13. Preacher of satanism _____ minister
14. Raises, butchers, and sells chickens _____ dispatcher
15. Man who checks movie machines _____ inspector
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