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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lots of Cars

You can find a car wandering around in the tundra region of the far North (caribou). You might find a car in New Orleans at Mardi Gras time (carnival).You can even find a car inside a car (carburetor).
Identify the cars defined below.
1. A car in a candy assortment
2. A car in a newspaper
3. A car in a gun shop
4. A car in a flower garden
5. A car on the floor of a house
6. A car on the desert.
7. A car in a clothing store
8. A car in a forest, flying around
9. A car in a ship's hold
10. A car in a salad
11. A car in a Christmas program
12. A car in the water, swimming about
13. A car in a construction crew
14. A car on a golf course
15. A car in a storeroom, filled with things
16. A car in a wooden sculpture
17. A car at an amusement park
18. A car in a game
19. A car south of Florida (a sea)
20. A car in Venezuela (a city)
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