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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Latin Phrases

nota bene - "Note well" "N.B."
percent - "over 100"
Per diem - "by the day, a daily fee"
post scriptum - "After the writing" "P.S."
non sequitur - "it does not follow"
Anno Domini - "Year of the Lord" "A.D."
ante meridiem - "before noon" "a.m."
post meridiem - "after noon" "p.m."
circa - "About or approximately" "c."
ad nauseum - "to the point of nausea"
requiescat in pace - "Rest in Peace" "R.I.P."
ad infinitum - "to infinity, with no limit"
vice versa - "changed and turned about"
per capita - "by heads"
in camera - "in a chamber, in private"
ex libris - "from the library of"
carpe diem - "seize the opportunity"
E Pluribus Unum - "one from many"
mea culpa - "the blame is mine"
tabula rasa - "empty blackboard"
cum laude - "with praise"
magna cum laude - "with greatest praise"
quid fit? - "what's happening?"
per se - "in or of itself"
labra lege - "read my lips"
abeo" - "I'm out of here"
exempli gratia" - "for example" "e.g."
et cetera - "and so on" "etc."
quod erat demonstrandum - "was demonstrated" "Q.E.D."

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