High School Math

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Life Expectancy

A Math topic that is rarely discussed in high school is actuarial science or lifespan. So, here are some numbers for your information.

Neanderthal, 20 years
Neolithic, 20
Classical Greece, 28
Classical Rome, 28
Medieval England, 33
End of 18th Century, 37
Early 20th Century, 50
Circa 1940 in N. America, 65
Current in N. America, 77-81

Humans live on average 37 years in Zambia
and on average 81 years in Japan.
The oldest age recorded for a human is 122 years,
with reports of people in Asia living over 150 years.

Cats, dogs, 20-30
whales, dolphins, 20-30
Cattle, horses, 30-50
camels, deer, 30-50
Birds, 10-30
Elephants, parrots 50-80
Blue whales, 40-80
Turtles, 120-150
Baobab, olive trees, 1,000-4,000
Corals, 100,000 years

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