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Friday, November 19, 2010

Math Poems 4

  The Seaman's PI
A sailor whose math we deplore
Measured circles when he was ashore.
He made us all sigh
And we wanted to cry
So we asked him just why
He liked to rely
On a figure for pi
That was 3 and not 3.14.

  The Adder
A beautiful asp named Lenore
Found sums were a terrible bore.
"If I were an adder,
I'd be a lot gladder,
And would know 2 + 2 = 4."

Reporters of all kinds galore
Think that math is a terrible bore.
In composing the news
They're quite sure that two twos
Equal three, eight, or five, but not four.

  Bill Gates
The foresight and skill of Bill Gates
Made Microsoft one of the greats.
And you'll be rich, too,
If hard work, derring-do
And ambition are some of your traits.

  The Meter
The Frenchmen invented the meter,
The gram, centigrade, and the liter.
The foot, quart, and pound
Lost a whole lot of ground
To a system which was a lot neater.

Alexander Graham Bell
In inventing was known to excel.
He thought the telegraph was a fine idea
But he knew his telephone would turn out
to be the communication panacea.

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