High School Math

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Saturday, October 11, 2008


:-) Standard Smiley
;-) Winking Smiley
(-: Left handed Smiley
:-( Sad Smiley
:<> Smiley with beard
:-{> With mustache & beard
d:-) Wearing a baseball hat
i-( Swollen-eyed smiley
$-) Won the lottery
:-#/ Wears braces
:-~) Got a runny nose
&:) Curly haired smiling girl
:\/ Can't keep his mouth shut
:>) Nosy smiley
:-Q Smoker
:-? Pipe smoking smiley
8-) Wearing sun glasses
:-{) Has a mustache
[:-) Wearing a walkman
.-) Smiley with one eye
(:-) Bald smiley
&:-) Bad Hairday
{(:-) Smiley with a toupee
{(:{) With mustache & toupee
!- Smiley with a black eye
:-{} Wearing lipstick
@:-) guy with a turban
:~X Tongue tied
=:-O Scared
:-)8 Smiley with bow tie
:-p Tongue sticking out
:-)~ Tongue sticking out
ยง:-) Happy with curly hair
):-) Unibrow
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