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Friday, April 11, 2008

Update Sign Alphabet

Refer to the previous posting -
Sign Alphabet- 12 March 2008.

Download the   HANDSIGN FONT   here.
This is a Truetype Font which can only be used
on computers using Microsoft Windows.
It is also accessible on Microsoft Wordpad.
Please refer to your users manual for
installing onto your own Windows computer.

To install onto Windows Vista Premium -
1) Download HANDSIGN.TTF onto your computer.
2) Highlight HANDSIGN.TTF.
3) Right Click on HANDSIGN.TTF.
4) Left Click on Install.

Write your class a message in Handsign Code!
First type your message in Arial Font.
Then highlight your message, switch it
into the Handsign Font and increase the
font size to 36 for easier viewing.

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