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Monday, August 15, 2005

Award Certificates

By popular demand, a new Award Certificate section has been added to the index of the main website at www.TheMathWebSite.com.
This will allow teachers to create their own Award Certificates for any and every student in their class. Just change the wordings on the sample using the input textareas and buttons, change the graphic by refreshing the page, modify the printer page setup to landscape and remove the headers/footers, then print your masterpiece and impress your class.

Hand out certificates for being the "Best Math Student", having the "Highest Score on the Last Test", for being a "COOL DUDE", for having "Green Hair", for having "The Most Body Piercings" or even for "Skipping the Most Classes"!

Please feel free to continue to contribute interesting material via the guestbook.

To go directly to the new "Make an Award Certificate" location, click on     www.TheMathWebSite.com     , then click Enter/Certificates&Enrichment and then choose whether you want a serious or humorous type.